Business as Service

July 23rd, 2015 — 5:30am

In developed countries, we get what we need through business. Our cars and the fuel we put in them are produced by businesses. Our food, shelter, furniture, entertainment, tools, and almost everything else we enjoy access to are produced and made available to us by businesses.

If an entrepreneur develops a solution to a problem, and wants to provide society the benefit of that new and better solution, he or she starts a business. Based on the astounding array of products and services I can access in my community and online, I’d say this system of businesses providing what people want and need is working pretty darn well.

Businesses also provide most of the employment opportunities. They provide a structure for people with specialized skills to plug in and become part of the broader products and services the business offers to society. Employees don’t need to be able to provide the whole thing themselves, in order to put their part to good use.

Like all humans, sometimes business-humans use their power for their own gain and hurt others in the process. That’s not a good thing. By and large however, we all benefit tremendously from the abundant supply of items we need, developed, produced, and delivered by businesses.

Business is the primary way people with something to offer interact with other people who need that something. Business is how we organize ourselves to provide for the needs of our fellow residents of earth. Business is the primary way we serve, and it’s a high calling.