When Reality Says It Won’t Work

July 9th, 2015 — 5:30am

Last week I said don’t give up just because they say it won’t work. Naysayers and fears don’t have reliable information about your future prospects, but reality does.

If you try out at dozens of auditions and get no call-backs, reality might be telling you it’s not working. If you pitch the product to dozens of qualified leads and nobody buys, something might be wrong with the pitch or the product. If you train hard for the races and you consistently finish outside the top 20%, pro racing may not be a realistic endeavor for you.

There are two potential mistakes here. The first is giving up due to fear, before you’ve given reality a chance to weigh in. This calls for courage and perseverance. Don’t quit until reality shows you where your limit is.

The second is beating your head against a brick wall that reality is telling you isn’t going to budge. This calls for backing up, regrouping, and finding another path forward. Often there’s a way around, under, or over the brick wall. And sometimes you gotta say good-bye to what won’t work, and pick a new destination.

Engage in real attempts and listen carefully to reality’s feedback to tell which is which.