I’m Mark Aardsma. As an entrepreneur I launched and led two companies to the multi-million-dollar level. Now I invest, write, speak, and coach others who launch and lead.


At age 24 I started a software business in my basement. At 26 I started acoustic panel manufacturer ATS Acoustics. At 28 I started nationwide lens, video, and projector rental business ATS Rentals. I’m a serial entrepreneur and I don’t think I’ve shaken that bug yet.


I am actively seeking business acquisition opportunities, as well as opportunities to invest in select startups. If you know of or are leading a great opportunity, please contact me. I’m a member of the Urbana-Champaign Angel Network, and I also do deals directly through my investment office.


My businesses would have stalled and struggled without the coaching I received. I am deeply grateful for the opportunities I get to pay this forward as a business coach to others who are traveling a similar path.


I write once in a while about leadership and business on my blog. In my book Investing With Purpose I share my best advice on how you can effectively pursue the life and work you value most. It’s set to release March 21, 2016 from Career Press and Brilliance Audio.


Ocassionally I speak at conferences or to local groups on leadership and entrepreneurship.

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