Speaking & Media

I’ll be engaging in lots of media and in-person contexts during and following the release of Investing With Purpose. We’ll keep this page updated with the full schedule as it unfolds.

If you are interested in booking me for an event or media appearance, please see Mark Aardsma’s Media Kit.

Recent Publications

Outlet Topic
Money Q&A Article: Are You Running in the Right Direction?
Retirement Savvy Review: A SavvyReview and Givaway
Small Business Forum Review: Three Books Small Business Owners Should Review
The Mom Mogul Article: Make Better, Braver Decisions with an Investor Mindset
World Outsourcing Solutions Podcast: Enlightened Entrepreneur Podcast, How to Choose the Right Business to go Into
American Express Open Forum Quoted In: Small Business Week Provides Opportunity to Reflect On Growth and Challenges
Moody Bible College, Alumni News Article: Business Mogul Got His Start At Moody

Recent Events

Date/Time Event / Location / Topic
August, 2017 Eventual Millionaire Podcast with Jaime Masters
Listen Here
June, 2016 MoneyLife Radio Podcast with Chuck Jaffe
Listen Here
May 22, 2016 Mastering Your Money with Ed Fulbright
WNCU-FM 90.7 / Raleigh-Durham, NC.
Listen Here
April 14, 2016 Personal Finance Class / Financial Investing
Parkland College / Champaign, IL.
April 8, 2016 Radio Interview on The Dan & Don Show
KTOE-AM 1420 / Minneapolis, MN.
Listen Here
April 3, 2016 Radio Interview on Money Matters with George Chamberlin
KOGO-AM 600 / San Diego, CA.
Listen Here
April 2, 2016 Radio Interview on Central Illinois Business with Alex Ruggieri
WDWS-AM 1400 / Champaign, IL.
Listen Here (Segment Starts at 28:55)
March 31, 2016 Radio Interview on the Money Matters with Stu Taylor
WBNW-AM 1120 / Boston, MA.
March 30, 2016 Radio Interview on The Frankie Boyer Show
Listen Here (Segment Starts at 1:30)
March 30, 2016 Radio Interview on The Scott Sloan Show
WLW-AM 700 / Cincinnati, OH.
Listen Here (Segment Starts at 1:26)
March 29, 2016 LEAD Leadership Education And Development Event
Hampton Inn, Urbana, IL. / 5:30 PM to 7:00 PM
LEAD Facebook
March 24, 2016 Radio Interview on The Greenberg News Show
WNJC-AM 1360 / Philadelphia, PA.
March 24, 2016 Radio Interview on Capital City Recap with Michael Cohen
WILS-AM 1320 / Lansing, MI.
Listen Here
March 22, 2016 Radio Interview on The Vic McCarty Show
WMKT-AM 1270 / Petoskey, MI.
Listen Here
March 21, 2016 Book Signing Event at Barnes & Noble Book Store
Champaign, IL. / 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM
March 21, 2016 Radio Interview on The Paul Miller Show
WPHM-AM 1380 / Port Huron, MI.
Listen Here
March 17, 2016 School for Startups with Jim Beach
Listen Here (Segment starts at 34:25)
March 5, 2016 Leadership Development Seminar, Windsor Road Christian Church,
Champaign, IL. How We Change: Catalyzing Growth in Yourself and Others
November, 2015 Christian Community Development Association National Conference
Memphis, TN.
For-Profit Business and Christian community development
Conversation on Competition and Compassion w/Co-Facilitator Sharolyn Payton
August, 2015 РJuly 2016 Leadership Development Cohort, Champaign, IL.
April, 2015 Interview with John Kossler When Millennials Lead Boomers
Leadership Journal at Christianity Today
March, 2015 Eventual Millionaire Podcast with Jaime Tardy
Entrepreneurship and Investment
December, 2014 University of Illinois EntreCORPS
Challenges Entrepreneurs Face, and How to Support Their Success
October, 2014 Live Life to the Fullest Conference
Wabash, IN. / Stepping Into It: How Effective Leaders Engage with Conflict
September, 2014 Christian Community Development Association National Conference
Raleigh-Durham, NC. / Stepping Into It: How Effective Leaders
Engage with Conflict
July, 2014 National Worship Leader Conference
Kansas City, KS. / Navigating Conflict in Ministry Teams
June 14, 2014 WDWS Radio AM1400
Business Coaching