I’m Mark Aardsma.

As an entrepreneur I launched and led two companies to millions in sales. I couldn’t have done it without great coaches. I’m still a CEO, and I also coach others who launch and lead. I look forward to engaging with you and contributing to your success.

Grow Your Self.

In business, everything is personal. Strategies are executed by people. Hires and fires are done by people. As someone who launches and leads, an awful lot is done by you. Every tough decision, every difficult conflict, comes back to you. Successful people grow themselves as the foundation for everything else. I’m trained and experienced in human development, and I love the power that comes from starting with your self.

Grow Your Leadership.

One of my mentors likes to say “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”. It’s true. Lead an organizational culture that aligns with your style, your strategy and your brand. Engage with conflict courageously and effectively. Create high-performing teams. Successful businesses do all of these.

Grow Your Business.

Accounting. Marketing. Strategic decisions. Technology. Low-cost operations. It takes more than soft skills to succeed. Savvy execution on critical areas like these is essential. I’m not just a consultant, I’m an active CEO. I live in the real world of practical execution and I enjoy addressing the technical aspects of business in my work with clients.

Growing in these three areas powers amazing results.

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