It’s In You

January 26th, 2012 — 5:30am

I recently learned the story of a new friend who started and grew a new division in an established company. He made it a success in spite of challenging circumstances, less-than-supportive bosses, and less-than-plentiful resources. The essential ingredient in the mix wasn’t funding, a trail already blazed, or any external factor.

It was him. He was the essential ingredient.

He might not take credit, but I’m convinced his ingenuity, leadership, salesmanship, and especially perseverance made it work. With the character and ability that he had, almost any external challenge could be overcome. Without his character and ability, a small challenge would have been enough to derail the whole thing.

As I look back, this is true of me and my story. I didn’t start with any funding, a privileged family tree, or a “winning idea” handed to me. I didn’t start with anything except the character and ability that are in me. And that was enough.

This is true of you and your story too. It’s what’s in you, not any external factor, that will make the biggest difference.

I’d bet on a leader with proven character and ability any day. I’d never bet on a well-funded “sure thing” that lacked that kind of leader.

This is not about going it alone without a team or without a coach. It’s about the power of character to shape outcomes in ways that make external factors look weak.