I’m Thankful for Brave People

November 27th, 2014 — 5:30am

This Thanksgiving I’m in Haiti with my wife and kids. We’re spending the week with the staff of Paulos Group, a unique poverty charity we are involved with.

Thanksgiving is an increasingly meaningful holiday to me. So much wells up as I look back on the unfolding of my life. This year I am especially grateful for the diverse and fascinating conversations I get to engage in almost every day with people who are doing work that matters.

I am deeply thankful for people who bravely, honestly, messily, hungrily pursue health, growth, and their personal potential. People like most of you who read this blog.

Thank you to those who come beside me in my quest for that kind of growth, and to you who invite me to be beside you in yours. Your courageous transformations inspire me.

Happy Thanksgiving.