Doing, Deciding, Teaching, Coaching

December 4th, 2014 — 5:30am

Doing is the mode we learn first, taking action to solve the problem ourselves.

Deciding is telling them what to do to solve the problem. We know, they do, they still don’t know.

Teaching is telling those below us what to do to solve problems like this in the future. We know, they learn what we know.

Coaching is seeing them as able to rise to the occasion. It’s letting go of control and warmly challenging them to new levels. We affirm. They strengthen. We ask. They explore. We challenge. They stretch. We both learn.

Doing and deciding are quick, they keep us in control, and they keep people dependent on us. That doesn’t work when you want to lead something bigger than yourself.

Teaching and coaching take a bigger investment of time, and they pay off later in higher performance and increased freedom to delegate.

Pay attention to which mode you go into when your team has a problem to solve.